Saturday, February 2, 2013

More fun doll clothes

I can remember being a little girl sitting next to my dearest grandmother Angeline Consolino and watching her sew on her old Singer sewing machine. She would lovingly hem a pair of pants for my mom, mend a hole with a patch in a pair of jeans I had worn through the knee, size down an outfit that was too big, or let out the waist just a bit in Grandpa's dress slacks.  It gave me inspiration to see the joy it brought to her smiling face to finish a project. She would let me play with the leftover scraps from projects.  I would gently wrap the scraps of fabric around my dolls and tuck them in or pin them or tape them on because I was too young to touch that glorious old Singer which I can proudly say I own.  She wanted me to have it because she knew we shared a love of this hobby.   She and I shared a love of these fantastic dream making machines. The brand doesn't matter so much as a good reliable machine that doesn't break down. 

 I had the pleasure today of seeing a little girl dream big like I did long ago.   I had the opportunity to be with my friend's daughter today as my daughter Sophia told her "my mommy can make clothes for our AG dolls, isn't that great? She can make a warm coat for her or a cute dress."  This friend of Sophia's was so excited to hear I could make doll clothes and started dreaming up the most wonderful ideas.  I love kid's and their endless  imagination.  Imagination has no boundaries when you ask a kid what they would like to see.  She told me she wanted clothes with castles, fairies, princesses and crowns. That is the stuff that dreams are made of and I will have to look for fabric like that.  I loved hearing all of her fantastical ideas.  Then, she asked if I could make her doll some boots and also some shoes. Well, I hadn't thought of that before, but I bet I can.   I am certainly going to try.  So this is my next design I am working on doll shoes and maybe even some boots.  How fun is that?  Do you think I can do it on my little old dream making sewing machine?  Stay tuned to find out if I can make shoes and or boots.

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