Friday, September 14, 2012

Giant ricotta stuffed pasta shells topped with fresh tomato spaghetti sauce.

Giant ricotta cheese stuffed pasta shells baked and smothered with delicious home-made meat spaghetti sauce with spinach and zucchini hidden in it. I froze several portions of the sauce I made from fresh tomatoes from my garden cooked with meat a few weeks ago. It is still my best attempt at my grandmother's spaghetti sauce. Mmm!

I baked the shells at about 350 degrees for about a half hour with my defrosted home-made sauce. I sprinkled it with a little mozzarella cheese some fresh basil and parsley right from the garden.

My family loved it. Sophia who never eats her meal at dinner time ate one whole giant shell and then another half. She likes any kind of spaghetti but absolutely loved this baked pasta dish.  I love that the kids just ate lots of fresh veggies including spinach unknowingly.

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