Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From our garden to our table

In the past I have made a green bean vegetable dish with fresh green beans, slivered almonds, and just a tiny bit of cooked bacon. I had just a very small amount of green beans so far so I had to stretch that side somehow. Due to some tree nut allergy issues for my little Kaylee, I had to rethink that recipe. Instead of nuts, I used sliced squash with the greens beans and bacon. I think it was a hit because the family ate it all.

Kaylee might have been confused and picked a few green tomatoes but I showed her red tomatoes so she could pick more.


Fresh spinach, tomato, and cucumber salad is my favorite summer salad.

Um, slightly over-ripe cucumbers.

These tomatoes are perfectly ripe for cooking into a delicious spaghetti meat sauce. I used a variety of tomatoes including Big Boy, grape tomatoes, some hybrids, and cherry tomatoes.

Home-made spaghetti meat sauce made from tomatoes, onions, spinach, and zucchini. All were from the garden. I used the food processor to crush all the extra veggies I snuck into the sauce. My kids never knew they were eating vegetables. It was delicious and I had enough to freeze for four additional meals. Yummy!

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