Thursday, December 8, 2011

Socks what socks? Jingle Bells is up to his usual antics

Sophia was better yesterday so Jingle Bells came back.  Wearing Sophia's socks on his head, hands, and feet were his silly antics today.

"Mommy, uh, Jingle Bells must have been sewing on your sewing machine because we didn't have those ladybug socks or these other red ones before."

I answered, "Really? Do you think the Elf used my old sewing machine downstairs?"

Sophia replied, "Yes, because your other machine is at the shop. I think he stole some socks out of my dresser too."

I asked, How can that be? Did you see him or hear him in your room?"

"No. He must have been really quiet and sneaky.".

Sophia noticed that Jingle Bells made an "S" for Sophia out of the ribbon ruffled I sewed for her.

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