Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing Barbie dolls - barbie needs a new dress

Today was a triple digit heat day so we decided to play in our playroom in the nice cool basement. I played Barbies with my girls. Sophia told me Barbie needs some new clothes. Knowing how she felt and thinking back to when I was a young girl who loved dressing my Barbies, I told her I would see what I could do about it if she was a good girl and took her nap.

I had to deliver on my promise since Sophia was sleeping when I peeked into her room awhile ago. I hurried and serged up this quick little full skirted dress to match Sophia's Ladybug pillowcase dress out of a bit of scraps I had leftover and some ribbon. I hope she likes it. I think it turned out cute. My girls now have a matching Barbie dress to match their ladybug dresses.

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