Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, 2009 Shopping Elves and Santa visit

Sophia elf and I, mommy elf, met her grandma elf for a full day of shopping. We had a great time!

The three Elves snacked our way through Costco while grabbing some last minute turkey day fixings. After enough food for a toddler elf's feast, Sophia elf asked to stop for lunch by requesting a hot doggy. What's a mom elf to do but buy her kid elf a favorite lunch at Costco. I knew it would be a long shopping day so I figured we should probably eat first.

Then, we skipped over to the mall where we found lots of fun stores. While in sears, Sophia elf spilled her entire glass of lemonade across the aisle floor. With not an employee elf in sight, I frantically called grandma elf who was too far to talk to help find someone to clean it up. Honestly, I was bit embarrassed that my kid elf made such a mess, but I am a parent elf and I guess these things are going to happen.

So we moved on from that to the middle of the mall where whom should we find but the big red jolly old elf in his red suit sitting in his big chair, Santa Claus! I asked Sophia elf if she would like to go see Santa and she replied, "Yes!". I was happy that she didn't seem scared like the week prior at the Bass Pro shop. So Grandma elf and Sophia elf trotted up to visit Santa. The photos aren't great because she never looked up at me, but here is the best of the bunch.

I hope we can get a really good photo with Santa this year in Sophia elf's Christmas dress. Hopefully, by visiting several times we will familiarize her enough with the big elf that she will want a photo with him.

After the Santa visit at the mall, we trekked over to Sam's club for more shopping and snacking. It was like a dream there was so much food there.

The last place Santas' elves hit was the ever popular Walmart. The elves were getting tired and needed to feed the reindeer but decided we better check out the toys here too. I knew in my mommy elf heart that we were drawing near to that moment when you wished you didn't say, "Let's make one more stop." Well, I ignored mommy elf intuition and paid for it later in the toy aisle of Walmart. We were looking around for toys and checking out all the neat ideas to ask Santa for when I noticed a bit of resistance on the end of the harness. I thought "Oh boy, how am I ever going to get her out of here without a fit?". Well sorry to say it folks, the littlest elf had a meltdown in Walmart and the mommy elf had to pick her up and carry her to the front of the store where we met grandma elf and told her we were headed straight for the car. I bolted out of there like a flash lightning crosses the sky. Once in the car the littlest elf settled down and listened to the music on the radio. The day overall was lots of fun and I wish we could have girl elf shopping days more often.
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